Why Did My Garage Door Cable Break, and What Should I Do Now?

Cables may not be the first thing you think about when analyzing your garage door, but that does nothing to diminish their importance to the door’s stability and safety. When garage cables break, they can render your entire door useless, leaving homeowners wondering what to do next. Fortunately, the experts at Titan Garage Doors have […]

Torsion vs. Extension Springs: What’s the Difference?

Garage door torsion and extension springs are two of the most important pieces of the door’s operation. Without them, smooth operations would be impossible, leading to strain on your opener and likely meaning manual opening and closing. Believe it or not, these springs eventually wear out, but homeowners aren’t well-versed in the intricacies of these […]

How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

You may not think about it, but your garage door plays an important role in protecting more than just a few storage items. With a quality garage door, you can enjoy safety and security, quick operation, and draw a few eyes from neighbors and people walking by. 

Top 5 Warning Signs of Bad or Broken Garage Door Springs

As reliable as overhead garage doors are, there comes a time for all where they just can’t operate the way they used to. You don’t want to miss out on the signs of a broken garage door spring, as knowledge of these issues can reduce the risk of future damages and avoid major health risks […]

Fiberglass Garage Doors Vs. Steel Garage Doors

Fiberglass Garage Doors Vs. Steel Garage Doors Modern garage doors come in many different styles, with each having its own set of advantages. Many homeowners choose steel garage doors because they are robust and secure, while others favor fiberglass garage doors for their lightweight and durability. Whichever type of garage door you select, it is […]

A Guide to Buying the Right Roller Garage Door

A Guide to Buying the Right Roll-Up Garage Door For Your Business Does your business require the use of a garage door? As a business owner, you want to make sure that your premises are safe, and a roll-up garage door can help you do that. This guide to buying the best roll-up garage door […]

What You Should Know About Garage Door Windows

Things To Plan Before Getting a Garage Door with Windows Are you in the market for a new garage door? If that’s the case, you might be asking if a model with windows is worthwhile. Garage door window inserts are a popular alternative to typical window models, and they can improve your home’s curb appeal. […]

Garage Door Safety Sensors – Why You Need Them!

Garage Door Safety Sensors – Why You Need Them! Garage door systems are made up of a number of components. As a homeowner, you are probably unaware of the other lesser-known parts, such as the sensors. Sensors may look like tiny and insignificant devices, but they play a vital part in the safety of garage […]

When to Call for Professionals to Repair Your Garage Door Opener

When to Call for Professionals to Repair Your Garage Door Opener Garage doors are durable systems that can last a long time. However, for the garage door to function as a whole, each component must be in good functioning order. Garage door openers, in particular, are one of the most crucial components in ensuring that […]

Types of Seals Used in Garage Door Weather Stripping!

Types of Seals Used in Garage Door Weather Stripping! Weatherstripping has a wide range of applications, but its primary purpose is to retain heat during the winter and to keep cold air in during the summer. If you are looking into insulating your garage door from heat and cold, weatherstripping is your easiest and most […]