Cables may not be the first thing you think about when analyzing your garage door, but that does nothing to diminish their importance to the door’s stability and safety. When garage cables break, they can render your entire door useless, leaving homeowners wondering what to do next. Fortunately, the experts at Titan Garage Doors have encountered plenty of broken cables, meaning we know exactly how to service them and what you should do if your cables go bad. 

The Purpose of Garage Door Cables

Garage doors are fairly complex mechanisms, relying on various parts and appliances to work effectively. Cables are one of the most important, as they counterbalance the door’s weight. Lift cables are attached to the bottom of door corners and connect to the torsion springs above to handle the door’s weight. Retaining cables help prevent springs from flying away when they break and are located inside the springs.

Because of the counterbalance, there is a ton of tension on cables at any given moment, and one snapping can lead to disastrous effects even after it completely gives way. Pay attention to the condition of your springs over time, and you’ll be a step ahead of the replacement process before things get too far.

Why Would My Cable Break?

Cables break simply because of physics. They’re under immense pressure, and they can only handle a certain amount of cycles before it becomes impossible for them to withstand the demands of the door. Additionally, when certain garage door parts are compromised, they can place an increased toll on your cables. Most often, broken cables can be identified by hanging wires near the door or by springs that seem to be working but aren’t doing an effective job.

What Should I Do When My Cable Breaks?

We harp on the fact that garage cables are under a ton of pressure because many homeowners spend an uncomfortable amount of time around their door after the springs break. This is extremely dangerous as broken cables mean your door poses a serious risk to yourself and others. Call a professional for emergency garage door service immediately, and refrain from using the door.

Some homeowners attempt to perform a DIY cable repair, but this, too, can be a seriously dangerous project. Cable repairs can be straightforward projects, but sometimes they require repairs on bearings, garage door springs, openers, or tracks. If you’re inexperienced, it’s incredibly easy to find yourself taking on a much bigger project than intended and making the problem much worse. Take note of some of these signs your cables are broken, and make sure to avoid using the door in any situation:

How Can I Prevent My Cable From Failing in the Future?

The only way to prevent your cables from failing is through preventative maintenance from your local garage door company. You can certainly keep an eye out and perform visual inception on your own, but a professional garage door technician will provide tune-ups for all parts of the door that keep things running smoothly. Additionally, experts with experience working on doors know how to evaluate even the most minor signs and can identify instability that can lead to a broken garage door cable, keeping your family safe.

Don’t Repair Cables Alone — Contact Titan Garage Doors for Help!

Repairing cables alone is a dangerous project to take on by yourself. As discussed, cables play a major role in the safety and stability of doors, and once that’s compromised, who knows what can happen? With the experts at Titan Garage Doors by your side, common garage door repair projects like cable and spring repairs are made easy. Our contractors service residents in Stoughton, WI, and the surrounding areas, so don’t hesitate to contact us today if your cables show signs of wear or have snapped away from your garage door.