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Do you have an issue with a broken garage door spring? We have a team of local garage door experts who are ready to fix the problem quickly.
Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Fremont NE

Typically, a garage door spring replacement is required when a garage door spring is worn-out and broken. This occurs naturally over time with repeated use.  You can identify this critical part by looking for a long cylindrical spring attached to a metal shaft on your garage door. A garage door spring’s life expectancy and grade is measured in cycles (when a garage door opens and closes it is counted as one cycle). Basically, there are two types of springs in every garage door system: torsion springs and extension springs.

At Titan Garage Doors, we perform many types of broken spring replacement Stoughton for both residential and commercial doors. We carry all the types and sizes of springs in our service trucks in order to provide our customers with the best garage door spring replacement and installation service at competitive prices. We use garage door springs with a lifespan of 25,000 cycles, and those garage door springs typically will last about 15 years.

If you are facing a problem with a broken garage door spring and need repairs quickly, then rely on Titan Garage Doors for your service needs.

We also offer a 5 years warranty on any of our Broken Spring Replacement Stoughton jobs so you won’t need to be concerned for many years to come.

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Garage door springs are meant to support the entire weight of the door. As we open and close the door, the springs are stretched under pressure with constant tightening and loosening. For most garage doors, torsion and extension springs are used to handle a force equal to the weight of the garage door. This counterbalances the weight of the door, making it balanced so it can be easily opened and closed. The torsion spring is located at the top of the door and lifts the weight of the door. To balance this, extension springs run on the other side of the door and act like rubber bands that are stretched as the door is lowered. A single broken garage door spring is an indication that the second one is also about to break soon, so consideration must be given to replace both springs.

Our Titan Garage Doors technicians are trained to install new garage door springs efficiently to allow you to open your door again. We offer affordable and on-time service 24/7!

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