You may not think about it, but your garage door plays an important role in protecting more than just a few storage items. With a quality garage door, you can enjoy safety and security, quick operation, and draw a few eyes from neighbors and people walking by. 

The best way to ensure you maximize the life of your garage door is by getting adequate maintenance, but unfortunately, all good things come to an end. When your door does give way, knowing the signs can help you make a quick decision that doesn’t compromise the safety of your home and minimize the risk of expensive replacement parts. 

Your Door Is Cracked or Rotting

If your door or panels start to crack, it shows that it’s time for a replacement. Not only is cracked and rotting wood unsightly, but splintered wood can harm anyone operating the door or inside the garage. Even with the best care, your garage wood will eventually wear away, but fortunately, you can get quality materials and various door types from our Stoughton garage door installers.

Your Door Is Sagging

Moisture and rotting are two of the biggest factors that lead to a worn-down wood door. A high-quality installation will mitigate this problem, but moisture finds additional locations to seep into as the door ages. A sagging door means it’s time to contact a professional garage door company. Sagging doors are major security risks, as your door is likely on its last legs. Consider calling on emergency garage door services if your sagging door leaves your home or important items exposed. 

Your Door Makes Loud Noises When Operating

Most modern garage doors are relatively quiet while operating, and you certainly shouldn’t hear random or pronounced loud noises when opening and closing the door. These loud noises are often in conjunction with a door that shakes repeatedly. Odds are, you have a faulty garage door opener or defective springs or tracks that impact the efficiency of the door.

Your Door Lacks Safety or Security Features

Even if your older door has held up to the test of time, it likely won’t be equipped with modern safety and security features. Modern doors have advanced weather strips to keep the rain outside and sealing strips that keep the wind out. Insulated doors can keep garages cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a must for anyone dealing with the freezing Wisconsin winters. Other doors have advanced photo-eyes that efficiently detect objects and prevent your hands and fingers from getting caught in the door. 

The Door Requires Frequent Repairs

It’s okay for your door to need a few repairs here and there, but if repair costs are starting to add a hefty sum to your bills, you’re better off getting it replaced. Not only can a good installer give you a quality door, but you won’t have to worry about anything but maintenance for a few years as your door successfully withstands all the world has to throw its way. Why spend double the replacement cost on an older, less capable door? Get your doors replaced by expert contractors like the ones at Titan.

The Door Lacks Curb Appeal

Garages are one of the more standout locations on the exterior of your home — which is especially true if you have a detached garage. The last thing you want is a beautiful home capped off by a smaller, less attractive version next to it. You can choose a new door style that seamlessly fits the home’s aesthetic or choose one that stands out from the crowd. Custom garage doors are a great way for homeowners to really make a garage their own, and a good garage door company will have plenty more options to choose from.

Spruce up Your Garage Doors With Help From Titan Garage Doors

If any of these signs plague your garage doors, it’s likely time for you to get a new installation. No homeowner wants to deal with a poorly installed door that leads to the same problems they were already dealing with. How can you prevent it? Turn to a professional like Titan Garage Doors for your installation!

As the premier garage door company in and around Stoughton, WI, we don’t just throw up a new door and call it a day. Our company offers plenty of options and alternatives for your doors to create the design of your dreams. Contact us today and get in touch with our local garage door pros in Madison and the surrounding areas and ask us how we can help.