Garage door torsion and extension springs are two of the most important pieces of the door’s operation. Without them, smooth operations would be impossible, leading to strain on your opener and likely meaning manual opening and closing. Believe it or not, these springs eventually wear out, but homeowners aren’t well-versed in the intricacies of these two important products. With help from Titan Garage Doors and the knowledge of our garage door installers, you can discover more about spring systems and how to keep them operating at peak efficiency.  

What Torsion Springs Do

The purpose of torsion springs is to store mechanical energy to open or close your garage door. Torsion springs exert a rotary force and either wind up as the door is shut or unwind as the door is opened. As your door opens, the weight placed on the springs is transferred to the track assembly that keeps the door balanced throughout the operation. Most garage doors weigh about 150 pounds, with increased weight ranges for multi-home doors or doors made of heavier materials.

What Extension Springs Do

On the other hand, extension springs — or stretch springs — are much older products and are placed on each side of the garage door. They’re attached to the cable-pulley system, extend as the door operates, and use force to open and close it. Because these springs don’t take up as much space above your door, it’s much easier to use them in smaller garages, but there are some notable downsides (which we’ll get into in a bit). While they may be older, extension springs still do a solid job at what they’re built to do.

Major Differences Between the Two Springs

While these two springs essentially do the same job, they have major differences beyond their location on the door. Torsion springs are the new guy on the block, but do their benefits outweigh the older technology that is extension springs? One of these options is preferred over the other, and there are some fairly good reasons why. Let’s dive into the differences between torsion and extension garage door springs. 

Torsion Springs Last Longer

Springs operate via cycles or one opening and closing of the door. Torsion springs can last about 15,000-20,000 cycles, giving garage owners much more dependability. Extension springs usually last around 10,000 cycles, so if you’re someone who uses the door often, it’s probably best to avoid extension springs.

Extension Springs Are More Dangerous When Worn Out

Extension springs require a safety cable, or you risk them shooting out somewhere into your garage. On the other hand, torsion springs may make a loud bang but stay on the shaft. Broken extension springs are a major problem that can damage windows or even cause injury or death. You should be getting garage door tune-ups and service to keep track of the wear and tear that lead to a broken extension spring.

Torsion Springs Protect Your Opener

Torsion springs provide more ease of operation for your garage door opener, saving you money and helping major components of your door last longer. Torsion springs create more balanced movements due to their more controlled motions.

Extension Springs Use More Parts

Extension springs also require more parts to operate, meaning you’ll be forking over more cash for a product that doesn’t last as long. Keep in mind that more parts also mean more things that can go wrong. Even if your extension springs aren’t broken, replacing additional parts can be a nuisance.

Torsion Springs Are the Preferred Option

Because of how safe and simple they are, torsion springs are the preferred choice for many garage door installers and other providers of products that require springs. Many companies rarely use extension garage springs, preferring to restrict them to only smaller garages or areas with very low headroom. Extension springs are still valuable, but it’s clear that the industry is relying on the safer, more advanced option. 

Service Your Springs With Titan Garage Doors

Whether you have extension or torsion springs on your garage doors, servicing them with a professional is the only way to ensure your garage door opens properly and your family is kept safe. Diving into the intricacies of your door can be extremely dangerous, so why not call on a qualified garage door company like Titan Garage Doors? 

Our broken spring replacement services in Stoughton, WI, provide expert skills to prevent injury and major damage to your garage parts. When extension springs break or torsion springs give way, Titan Garage Doors are the ones to call!