As reliable as overhead garage doors are, there comes a time for all where they just can’t operate the way they used to. You don’t want to miss out on the signs of a broken garage door spring, as knowledge of these issues can reduce the risk of future damages and avoid major health risks to you and your family. If you pick up on any of the following, know that dependable broken spring replacement is one call away!

Your Garage Door Won’t Open Fully

What bigger sign is there than your garage door failing to open? If your door fails to open, it could be due to a dirty photo-eye or even a faulty garage door opener. But if you notice these aren’t the issue, it might be that your garage door springs are broken. To check the status of your springs, place your garage door in manual mode and open the door. Broken springs make it difficult for the door to open completely in manual mode, and most doors will quickly fall back down.

Your Garage Door Opens and Closes Awkwardly

If your springs do allow your door to open, it might be in a weird or awkward position. We have seen plenty of doors that open up crookedly or slam down with force as soon as they’re told to close. When your extension springs break on one side, the broken side opens up much slower than the normal side. When the torsion springs are damaged, they fail to provide the necessary resistance to keep your door from closing at a safe speed.

You Hear Weird Noises From Your Garage Door

Garage doors should never make weird noises that deviate from the normal sounds you hear when opening and closing the garage door. You might have a major spring issue if you hear strange sounds when the automatic opening system activates or loud snaps when the door isn’t in motion.

Your Springs Have Large Gaps in Them

Your springs typically need a ton of room to operate, and when they snap, they stretch out to fit the available space. If your spring snaps in the middle area, it will leave a large gap about 1-2 inches in length. Large gaps are a major issue and require immediate spring replacement services, as they are dangerous to be around, and fixing them on your own is an extremely risky job.

The Springs Look Rusted or Warped

In addition to gaps, another sign of a broken garage door spring is rusting and warping. If your springs look as if they’re struggling to handle the wear and tear of opening and closing, it might be time for a replacement. Visual indicators are the best way to tell if you need to replace your broken spring, as warping will give certain sections of your door a different look than others. When in doubt, reach out to your local garage door service to assess the condition of your springs and if they need to be repaired.

If you’ve picked up on any of the warning signs of bad or broken garage door springs, schedule local garage door repair services with the most reliable team of specialists in the area — Titan Garage Doors! We’ve helped countless homeowners just like you restore their garage doors’ functionality in no time. For more information, get in touch with us today!