When to Call for Professionals to Repair Your Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are durable systems that can last a long time. However, for the garage door to function as a whole, each component must be in good functioning order. Garage door openers, in particular, are one of the most crucial components in ensuring that it functions properly. But how can you know when your garage door opener has to be repaired? 

Your garage door is not moving

If your garage door opener has been failing to open or close after pushing the remote control, it could be a clue that something is wrong. The problem could be the remote’s batteries, so see whether they need to be replaced first. If changing the batteries does not solve the issue, the opener is most likely to blame. Although it may be tempting to install a garage door opener yourself, any DIY effort is discouraged. Self-installing or repairing it can result in more harm and issues. Doing the repairs on your own can be risky and even lead to an accident. While you want to save money by not hiring a technician, technicians are professionals for a reason. 

Your garage door is operating slower than usual

Your garage door opener may be causing your garage door to open or close more slowly than usual. When the motor wears down, it may have trouble raising the garage door as easily as it used to. This can be dangerous since the problem could worsen, resulting in a detached door that falls to the floor. Furthermore, your garage door opener can become noisy to operate. A noisy garage door motor is an obvious indicator of wear and tear, and if you do not call a repair professional at once, the noise will only get louder and more bothersome.

Your opener is simply old

One way to tell if your garage door motor needs to be replaced soon is to look at its age. Even if an older motor appears to be in fine working order, it can fail at any time and cause issues. Garage door opener motors normally last for ten years before failing to function properly. To assess any issues and maintain the parts of your garage door, contacting a specialist can be extremely beneficial. Another symptom of a worn-out garage door opener is vibration. You will see it rather than hear it. You can see vibrations inside the housing of old motors with rusted armatures or bent shafts. If the problem is significant, you may see the opening mounts shaking loose, and it is best to hire a technician as quickly as possible.

Your garage door is reversing as it closes

When you press the remote, the door may open, but it may then stop halfway through. Other times, it may close partially and then reverse and goes back up. If your door reverses or comes to a halt halfway down, there could be an issue with the opener. It could indicate a problem with the close-limit switch, indicating that the door opener motor needs to be replaced. If your garage door does not fully open, you may have a switch problem that needs to be inspected or repaired by a professional. 

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