A garage door will operate properly, mostly without causing any problem for a homeowner, provided that garage door maintenance work is done regularly. However, there are various reasons that you might find yourself in a situation that you have to open the garage door manually. Sometimes the garage door may stop functioning suddenly due to a power failure. It could also be a broken motor that causes a garage door to stop work suddenly. If a garage door parts fails unexpectedly, a garage door will not open or close as expected. 

No matter what the garage door problem is, the “emergency cord” will help you out in such situations. You can manually operate the garage door using the emergency cord before calling a technician for emergency garage door service. Below is all you need to know about a garage door emergency cord. 

What is a garage door emergency cord? 

A garage door emergency cord is nothing but a rope that you will see hanging down from the door’s trolley. It is red and will have a handle at the base. You can find it dangling a few feet below the ceiling. Mostly, it will fall within reach of a stretched arm. Sometimes you may need a stool to reach the handle. The cord disconnects the carriage from the trolley so that the door slides along the railing. In short, you can lift the garage door manually with ease using the garage door emergency cord.  

How to use the garage door emergency cord? 

If you know how to release and reset the garage door emergency cord, you don’t have to worry when a garage door causes problems. However, you should hire a garage door company when you need 24-hour garage door repair service. They will be able to repair and fix any issues you have with your garage door. 

Make sure the door is in the down position  

Before you pull the garage door’s cord, it is essential to ensure that the door is down. In case the garage door is stuck in an upward position, you should immediately contact a reliable company for emergency garage door service. Do not attempt to fix the door by yourself in such situations. 

If the garage door is up, it is hazardous to pull the emergency cord. One of the reasons could be that the garage door could have a broken spring. If you pull the cord while the garage door is up, the garage door’s total weight will crash down, which may damage things under the garage door. Moreover, it may cause damage to the garage door itself. 

Pull the release cord 

It is important to get a basic idea about how an emergency cord works in your garage door system. Generally, the emergency garage door release cord hangs from the door trolley connected to the door. The trolley moves with the door when it is opened or closed. The trolley is connected to the opener carriage through the attachment point. When you release the emergency release cord, it disconnects the trolley through the opener carriage’s attachment point. As a result, the door will freely slide along the rail, and you can manually open and close it.

Open and close the door manually 

After you have pulled the release cord, you should open and close the garage door manually to know whether it works as expected. You can repeat the opening and closing of the door a couple of times. Make sure the garage door is closed before you try to reset the cord.

Pull the release cord down

You should understand the trolley has two positions – one is connected, and the second is disconnected. You need to achieve a secured position before you reset the door. For that purpose, you can pull the emergency release cord downwards and away from the motor.

Reset the garage door

Resetting the garage door is a simple process. All you should do is unplug the opener from its outlet and wait a few minutes. You can plug it back and check whether the garage door problem is fixed. If the problem persists, you should immediately hire an emergency garage door repair company. There could be different reasons for a garage door system’s failure, and a seasoned professional can fix it quickly. 

Reconnecting the trolley

There are two ways by which you can reconnect the trolley to the opener carriage. The first way is to do it manually. You need to put the emergency cord spring lever in the connected position and slide the door till the attachment point is re-engaged. 

You can reconnect the trolley automatically using the remote for the garage door as well. You can press the option in the remote and operate the motor so that the opener carriage will reconnect with the trolley through the attachment point. While the attachment point reconnects, it will produce a loud click. The sound is made when you reconnect the trolley both manually and automatically. 

By now, the garage door emergency cord should be back in the same position as before. If you have any further problems, it is best to seek assistance from professional garage door technicians.

Do you need a garage door repair service?

A garage door emergency cord is a quick solution when a garage door suddenly stops working. However, there could be other factors behind the door’s malfunctioning, which a garage door technician can figure out and fix. Since a garage door is directly connected to the home’s safety, you should address any issues with a garage door. Moreover, if a garage door doesn’t open correctly and falls off abruptly, it could break things under the door. Listed below are a few reasons why you may need a garage door repair service. 

Did you know that around 1600 accident cases are reported every year in the US due to people repairing their garage door themselves? It includes slight injuries like a cut in the finger to severe damage to the body. You need to hire a garage door repair company to protect you and your family from injuries. As you know, garage doors are heavy, and they can cause severe damage to people and property. When your garage door does not open properly, it can be a cause of danger. If you are trying to fix it without much knowledge or training, it becomes a huge risk. 

When your garage door does not work as it is supposed to, your property is vulnerable to thieves as well. By hiring an experienced team for garage door repair, you can ensure that a garage door is repaired correctly, and your property is secure from thieves. When you postpone the repair work, there is a higher chance of a burglary. By looking for an emergency garage door repair service, your garage door can be fixed quickly.   

Professional garage door technicians are trained to do the job fast and promptly. If you try to repair the garage door yourself, it will take two or three times longer then an experienced garage door technician. First of all, you will have to learn how to fix the issue. Although many DIY videos teach you to fix a typical garage door issue, you need time to learn it. Moreover, you may not have the right tools to resolve the issue. 

When you attempt to fix a garage door yourself, you will have to spend more to get the necessary parts and tools. Sometimes you may not be able to fix it at all and have to hire a garage door company later. In addition, without experience you may cause further damage. In short, it is a better use of your time and money to hire a reliable garage door repair company.  

By hiring a professional garage door company for emergency garage door service, you can ensure that a garage door is maintained properly and it works at its optimumal efficiency. It will also improve the lifespan of a garage door. Moreover, garage door companies generally offer a warranty for the products and services they provide. 

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