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There are many different types to consider!

A garage door is not just another utilitarian fixture for your home. It is actually the face and personality of your house. It took many years for homeowners and designers to realize the value that a great garage door can bring to a home’s appearance. In today’s era, homeowners consider garage doors as a key style component of their house.  

Are you thinking of giving a makeover to your home? A new garage door installation is all you need to spruce up the overall appearance of your property. If you already have a quality garage door, you can give it a fresh coat of paint. Or you can think of replacing the existing one with a new garage door. 

If you plan to upgrade your garage door, this blog would be an excellent source of information for you. Here we have listed the different types of garage doors to consider and how you can quickly get a new garage door for your home.  

Why your home needs the right garage door?

Although a garage space is mainly used for parking your car, homeowners use it as a workout room, workshop, or even convert it into an extra living space. A garage door should be able to complement the function of the garage space. The door should fit the style and decor of your home. Therefore, your garage door should not be just a random choice but a thoughtful decision.    

A garage door is a make or break factor for your home’s appeal. With an updated exterior makeover, your home will have a whole new look. It is an investment that will increase the resale value of your home, as well. 

Three major factors to consider when you choose a garage door

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a garage door. While there are a wide variety of garage doors, it is often challenging to pick the right one. Here are three major factors you should consider when you think of a garage door replacement or buying a new garage door for your property. 

The first factor to consider is the style and look of your home. It could be a modern home or a traditional home, or anything in between. Ultimately, you need a door that is made of good quality and complements a home’s decor. Modern, sleek designs will look good with contemporary homes while traditional style doors match well with a Colonial style home. The takeaway is you should consider the theme of your home when you choose a garage door.

The cost of the garage door can fall between a few hundred to thousands. In other words, you will find garage doors in an extensive price range. Therefore, it is important to set your estimated budget before you look for a garage door. Various factors affect a garage door price – materials, insulation, size, hardware, and more. 

Your garage door has an impact on your home’s energy efficiency. It can cut down on cold while dampening the noise. Hence you should consider the direction in which the door faces. An insulated door is a better option if sunlight falls on the door most times of the day. It helps to control the temperature inside. Keep in mind that construction materials and insulation technologies have significantly improved in the last few years. You can find the best-insulated garage doors that suit your location’s climate quickly with the help of a garage door expert.  

Types of garage doors

Given the advancements in technology, there are several types of garage doors available now. They differ in its style, material of construction, mode of functioning, type of motor used, and more. Let us explain the various types of garage doors that you can consider for your home. 

Sectional garage doors 

Sectional garage doors are one of the most popular among residential garage doors in the US. If you go around your city, many garage doors you see will be sectional garage doors. It is made of four or more horizontal panels that are joined together using hinges. It opens vertically. For opening and closing, the wheels at the edge of each panel roll inside in a vertical manner. This is often a preferred choice for homeowners with the minimal driveway or those who own large vehicles. Sectional garage doors come in a variety of designs.    

Roll-up garage doors

Roll-up garage doors are the next in the list of commonly used garage doors for residential properties. It has galvanized steel sheets that are interconnected to work similarly to a door curtain. It can roll up on top off the floor hence known by the name roll-up garage doors. It is ideal for properties with limited ceiling space. Roll-up garage doors are a great choice if you are looking for garage doors with better functionality and higher durability.  

Slide-to-side garage doors

Side sliding garage doors give you all the benefits of overhead garage doors. It can bend to one side of the wall and stay parallel to the wall. Therefore, it becomes an ideal option for garages with little headroom. It does not need balancing springs. It comes with an inbuilt, retractable motor that allows automated operation. It offers many advantages over other garage door styles, such as a lot of space under the garage ceiling, fast access to the garage, and light and minimalistic design.

Side-hinged garage doors 

Side-hinged garage doors are traditional designs that open similar to the barnyard doors. If you admire classic designs, this would be a preferred choice. Also, it fits well with garages that have minimal side rooms and head rooms. This type of garage door has hinges on the door’s sides, which can be used to open a garage door. Mostly, you will find side-hinged garage doors made in wood. These types of garage doors are also available in steel.   

Tilt-up canopy garage doors 

Similar to the side-hinged garage doors, the tilt-canopy garage door is made of one solid piece. It doesn’t have multiple sections. It works according to the pivoting hinge mechanism, which helps in allowing the door to tilt up. It is placed parallel to the garage ceiling. Therefore, it extends past the front of the house when you open the garage door.  

Tilt-up retractable garage doors 

Tilt-up retractable garage doors are not always used in residential property settings. It is a type of garage door which is made in one single piece. It uses the pivot mechanism in which the door is pulled back onto a track in the ceiling. It does not contain any moving parts; hence it is easy to maintain. If you are looking ahead for a new garage door installation in an old property, you can probably think of tilt-up retractable garage doors.

Additional residential garage doors

Apart from the major types of garage doors that are mentioned above, there are a few more basic concepts one should know when thinking of a new garage door installation. It includes insulation, the material of garage doors, custom garage doors, and various security options for your garage door. You can read the details about it here. 

Insulated garage doors

As you know, some garage doors are insulated while some are not. In many homes, garages are directly connected to the rest of the home; hence it has a role to play in the overall comfort inside a house. For instance, cold air may enter the house through the garage in the winter, or the afternoon sun may reach inside the rooms through the garage, which may become an inconvenience for the homeowners. That is where an insulated garage door comes into play.  

Insulated garage doors generally come with two layers of steel or aluminum frame with solid-core insulation technology to provide the required protection from extreme temperatures. It is ideal for places that experience extreme weather conditions. Here are the benefits of using insulated garage doors. 

Insulated garage doors have some drawbacks too. Compared to non-insulated garage doors, insulated garage doors are expensive. They will have an additional layer of insulation, which will cost you more. If you live in moderate weather conditions, an insulated garage door may not be a wise investment. 

Choosing the material for garage doors

Apart from its style and insulation, the material of a garage door should be given additional attention. Garage doors come in many different materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and fiberglass. Let us understand each material in detail. 

Custom Garage Doors

Each homeowner is different, and so are their choices for garage doors. Custom garage doors are the best option for people who want a home with a unique and appealing garage door. There are many benefits to considering a custom-built garage door. When you customize a garage door with specific measurements, it will fit nicely within a challenging garage space. If a garage door does not have a standard shape, a custom garage door makes the right choice. 

When you opt for custom garage doors, you have numerous options in design patterns, color, materials, and style of garage doors. Whether your choice is wider, slimmer, taller, or shorter, you can order customized garage doors in any size or shape that fits your garage door needs. You can include the best insulation technologies as well for enhanced protection against weather conditions. 

Security options for your garage door

Garage doors often become an easy way for thieves to get inside your home. That is why you need to beef up the security system each time you have a new garage door installation. There are various ways by which you can improve the security features of your garage door. First of all, you need to ensure that a garage door closes properly each time you use it. To further improve the security, you can install a garage door timer with variable settings to ensure that the garage door will close after you use it. You can also think of a monitored home security system that can be connected to your smartphone. To further expand the security system, you can add motion sensors to provide additional peace-of-mind.  

Are you looking for a residential garage door company?

Choosing the right garage door and installing it correctly is not as easy as it appears to be. As it directly affects your home security and outer look, it is always better to hire a professional residential garage door company to handle the project. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional garage door company for garage door replacement or installation. 

The endnote

As a critical entryway, a garage door acts as an essential part of any home. To enhance security features and improve your home’s outer appeal, you need to be thoughtful while choosing the right garage door. You need to consider multiple factors when selecting a garage door, including the style, material, design, security features, and more. 

The easiest way to get a new garage door installation done correctly is to hire a professional garage door company. By selecting a reputable and reliable residential garage door company, your garage door installation project becomes cost-effective, safe, and successful. If you are looking for a custom garage door, it is highly recommended to hire professional garage door experts. 

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